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About Us

iT2Pi is a non-profit corporation operating under an umbrella 501c3 while it seeks its own federal tax exempt status. Pursuant its mission to facilitate open access to diverse technology education for the youth of Upstate South Carolina, iT2Pi provides free technology and soft-skill training for Greenville’s youth seven to seventeen years old. Through project-based learning modules, with the guidance of peer leaders and adult mentors, participants are able to progress from information technology to programming inventors. iT2Pi’s goal is to increase social mobility by educating youth in the community, especially those in under-served communities, and increasing access to technology. Projects are broken up into various focus areas to engage students’ passions in fun and interesting ways.

The 3 tiers of iT2Pi

1. Students
Students are taught by our instructors on a variety of topics such as 3D printing, automated robots, and the basics of programming. They are encouraged to learn by participating in a variety of projects, and they are given the opportunity to rise to the instructor level.
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2. Instructors and Project Leaders
Our youth instructors lead their own projects and help with higher-level opportunities. Generally in high school, instructors are given the technical knowledge needed to lead our workshops. In addition, our program offers the high school students a chance to gain business experience through a variety of facilities. Facilities such as our High School Committee, meetings the organization is represented at, and events iT2Pi organizes are all an outlet for any instructor who would like to experience what it feels like to run a business on a deeper level.
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3. Mentors
Mentors are working professionals from a variety of STEM fields who are dedicated to helping our program grow and aiding our instructors and students. Mentors have an invaluable role in helping with projects, reviewing curricula, arranging events, and providing general knowledge and technical skills to our instructors. If you are a professional in the Upstate and wish to participate please email us at contact@it2pi.org to set up a meeting.

Donate iT2Pi is a community-driven organization. Every donation, no matter how small, helps us continue our mission: To promote STEM education and help provide opportunities to children, as well as young adults.

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iT2Pi has a history of working with local businesses. If you have an idea you would like to share, please do not hesitate to contact us!


We would love to hear what you have to say. Please fill out the contact form below and give us a general idea on what your thinking so we can be informed when we meet you.

Who to Contact

  • Bekk Blando

  • Title: Co-Director
  • Email: BekkBlando@gmail.com
  • Phone: (864)-252-5185

  • Susan Molnar

  • Title: Director of Development
  • Email: susanmolnar@gmail.com

  • Malinda Mcaleerpennington

  • Email: malinda@keygatediscovery.com
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